We invite a limited number of accomplished attorneys to become sponsors of local Professional Network Groups. These professionals recognize the opportunity to enhance the referrals they receive by a willingness to support and further the success of financial and insurance professionals who are part of their group.

Group sponsors are responsible for a fixed monthly group sponsorship fee.

Group Sponsors Can Choose From Three Levels of Sponsorship

Why Should You Become a Sponsor The Sooner The Better?

First, by becoming a sponsor you can begin to distinguish yourself from your competition. Second, we will only accept a limited number of sponsors so the value of the sponsorship is not diluted. We will not have a ratio of attorneys to group members that would exceed one attorney for 200 members.

Sponsoring a Professional Network Group is a win-win proposition because:

  • Sponsors can increase their credibility and connections with clients and referral sources;
  • Sponsors can submit an unlimited number of articles at a reduced rate;
  • Sponsors give group members the opportunity to submit articles at a reduced cost as compared to those not belonging to a group;
  • We send an e-mail to group members at least twice a month that includes the names of co-sponsors and invites them to either submit articles for publication or utilize some other benefit being offered through the group;
  • Press releases: We have a master contract with a press release distribution service. We can increase the public visibility of group sponsors and members by using this formal press release distribution resource. This can be used effectively when a group sponsor or member writes an article, attains a professional achievement or reaches a business milestone.

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