Becoming a Professional Network Group Member

If you have already been assigned to a network group you do not need to register. Becoming a group member is simple. Click the “Join A Group Now” button below and provide your identifying information. If invited by a group sponsor you should have received the sponsor's group number. Have that number available to complete the registration and be added as a member of that group. If a sponsor has not provided you a number we can assign you to a group based on geographic proximity.

As a group member you have the advantage of paying nothing until you choose to submit an article draft to our editor’s desk. If the submitted article is not approved for editing and publication your submission fee is refunded. Our editors do seek to make the process a positive experience and will make every effort to place articles in an appropriate publication.

Once you are registered we will send you further information about submitting articles. You may also go to the Questions and Answers page for more information.

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