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1What kinds of topics are acceptable for articles?

Professional Focus Publishing (PFP) wants its publications to reflect the varied backgrounds of its article contributors and the interests and needs of their customers, clients, and communities. We want articles to address a varied range of article topics that can be targeted for either broad public audiences or more narrowly focused target groups.
We furnish our article contributors with a few simple guidelines that contain a set of standards for article submissions.

2Can things like photos and other enhancements be included in an article that will be submitted for publication?

Yes. The article contributor can include an electronic version of his or her photo and biography along with the draft text of the article.

3Who can be approved to submit articles for publication consideration in one of the PFP publications?

We seek out professionals who are well respected in their local communities. The sponsors of our Professional Network Groups will typically recommend potential article contributors by inviting them to become members of their groups.
Any professional whom we approve will be issued an article contributor identification number.
If the professional becomes a member of a particular Professional Network Group (PNG) his or her group number will be included as part of the personal identification number.

4What are the responsibilities of the sponsor of a Professional Network Group?

Group sponsors assume responsibility for a monthly sponsorship fee. By doing so, they offset PFP’s costs for maintaining our website and putting our publications together. Group members thus only have to pay a fee when they submit and publish an article.
Our sponsors also provide assistance to PFP by actively inviting other professionals and leaders in their community to participate in writing articles for us. That assistance allows us to primarily focus on the editing and organization of our current publications and the development of new ones.

5Why are your fees structured as they are?

The fees are structured on the following basis:
There is a different fee structure for article contributors who are members of a Professional Network Group compared to those that are not, i.e., Independent Article Contributors. We do not charge group members a monthly fee due to the financial and logistical assistance provided by the group sponsors.

6Do you require a long term contract and financial commitment for participating contributors?

No. PFP wants participating article contributors to feel confident that their participation does not carry a burdensome long term cost for their practices or businesses. Therefore, our group member article contributors pay no annual or monthly fixed fee. However, our independent article contributors pay $79 per month for 12 months and thereafter on a month to month basis.
The fees for article submission and publishing are only incurred at the time a decision to submit and publish an article. We believe that this gives our article contributors maximum flexibility to submit articles only when it fits in with their timing, budget and needs.

7Are there a certain minimum number of articles that PFP requires a contributor to submit each year?

No. We do routinely remind our contributors by e-mail of opportunities to submit articles but we have no minimum quota. However, the sponsor of a Professional Network Group may always choose to replace a person from their group if he or she is not participating.This allows sponsors to better utilize their financial contributions and facilitate the involvement of others who do want to take a more active role.

8Does PFP print hard copies of its publications?

No. Printing hard copies would create overhead expenses that our program is not designed for. We instead encourage our article contributors and group sponsors to print hard copies of their individual articles as they may deem advisable.

9Do you restrict how your article authors use the articles that they write?

Our article contributors can copyright their articles and use them in connection with their businesses or professions with virtually no limitations. They may distribute their articles and those of their fellow panel members in hard copy or electronic form. For example, we encourage our article contributors to consider using their articles as content on their own websites and/or any internet networking sites they may participate in.

10Do you prevent group members of different professions from working together to cooperatively write an article and split the costs?

Absolutely not. PFP instead encourages members of a Professional Network Group (PNG) to co-author articles and split the costs if they so choose. PFP actually views this as a positive strategy to maximize cost-saving and enhance the cohesiveness of the particular PNG.

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