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Submitting Articles for Publication

Gone are the days of submitting draft articles to an “IN” basket on an editor’s desk.

Today draft articles are submitted directly to our website.

Our editors then review draft articles and determine whether to accept them for publication.

Our editors will occasionally make suggestions about organization and content. This may include suggestions on potential wording that may be beneficial for SEO. The article may go through several revisions before it is in final form and approved for publication.

Our focus is on publishing articles that furnish practical information and at the same time reflect the professionalism and expertise of the writers. Our editors will answer questions and will select the most appropriate publication(s) the article could be placed in.

OUR NO RISK POLICY: If for any reason your article is not accepted any publication fee is fully refunded.

Basic Article Submission Guidelines

  • Required format: Microsoft Word .doc or .docx
  • Article length: approximately 1000 to 2000 words (not including spaces & punctuation)
  • Don’t forget to add a byline and brief bio at the end.

Submit your Articles for Review and Publication

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