Where Our Publications Reflect Your Professionalism and Expertise

We are an e-publishing firm that creates publications to showcase the expertise of financial, legal and insurance professionals.. We have also developed and adopted numerous strategies and services that will allow professionals to effectively market their services and build their base of clients.

Our overall goal is to help our participating professionals become more successful. To achieve this we suggest a three part strategy: First: we provide an opportunity to write articles and use them to enhance the perceived authority and expertise of the writers. These articles address popular issues facing not only current clients but also potential ones. Second: We help to circulate these articles to current and potential clients and referral sources, Third: we assist our participating professionals to develop and retain repeat referral sources who will grow their practices and businesses.

The Credibility and Visibility That Comes From Writing Articles

Leading marketing experts recognize that the most powerful way for professionals to establish credibility and visibility is to write books or articles in their areas of expertise. Unfortunately, most professionals are rarely given an opportunity to engage in such writing and publishing. In particular, it is extremely challenging to write and publish an entire book. Busy professionals typically find that the commitment of time and money make it impractical if not impossible.

Books created in hard copy form face more than just a cost disadvantage. They can also become prematurely obsolete from the rapid changes occurring to the economy and the law. In a fluid information environment it is more practical and effective to write multiple short articles rather than a lengthy book. In addition, the publishing of fresh articles creates content that may enhance visibility on internet search engines.

To address these concerns we are creating e-publications where professionals can routinely write short articles and on a broad range of topics.

We give our writers unlimited freedom to distribute their articles in both electronic or hard copy form. This includes everything from client handouts and direct mail enclosures to e-mail attachments or postings on websites and social networks. The writers may also offer their articles for inclusion in other publications.

The Synergy from Working Cooperatively and Exchanging Referrals

Professionals naturally exercise a certain degree of influence over clients based on their knowledge and skills. But that influence can grow even faster by teaming with like-minded professionals in related fields. They will grow not only their own businesses or practices but also those of others. In particular, we offer legal professionals the opportunity to sponsor Professional Network Groups in their metro areas. These informal groups become a resource where professionals can create and cooperate through publishing articles in their respective areas of expertise.

Professional Network Groups

We view our Professional Network Groups as a unique component of our relationship with legal and financial professionals. These groups create convenient and ongoing opportunities for financial and professionals to network and refer business to each other.

However, these are not typical business referral and networking groups that have membership fees and mandatory meetings. Our groups have neither. Our sponsors cover the costs of organizing and maintaining the group. We also eliminate meetings by only engaging professionals who readily recognize the value of making and receiving referrals. The need for the artificial encouragement of repetitious meetings is then unnecessary.

Members of our Professional Network Groups are encouraged to refer clients and business to each other and find opportunities to work in a cooperative fashion. Group sponsors personally lead the way in that regard by assuming the sponsor role and covering the monthly group's fees.

If you have not been included in a group you can alternatively consider becoming an IAC (Independent Article Contributor).



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